Stay Safe with Premier: Safety & Security Protocols. Know More



  • Security personnel are available 24/7
  • 24/7 Video Surveillance System throughout the property and surrounding areas


  • Hotel staff is well trained on how to behave during emergencies
  • In the event of an emergency, the hotel has an autonomous energy supply system with fuel, water and food reserves
  • The hotel has a sound notification system and evacuation management
  • Evacuation plan is available in all areas, including guest rooms
  • All hotel rooms are equipped with smoke detectors
  • The windows of the guest areas on the first floor of the hotel are reinforced in case of destruction in the event of an explosion shock wave

3.  CIVIL DEFENSE SHELTER (see photos below)

  • On the -1st floor of the hotel, there is a shelter (bomb shelter), which guests can use during an air alert
  • The shelter is equipped with chairs, water reserves and two bathrooms.
  • The bomb shelter is equipped with a powerful ventilation system
  • Upon check-in, the hotel staff provides instructions on the location of the shelter and the algorithm of actions during an air alert
  • The nearest public shelter (metro station Palats Sportu) is located 400 meters from the hotel